Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 83 - Spring

Sure, the warm air, occasional sunshine, bird chirping, budding trees, and sprouting flowers are nice.

What I really like about spring is the amount of gear I can shed.

Here is the gear I carted around for Day 32:

Look at all of that crap. Layers and gloves and hats and jackets and that huge bag to carry it all.

Here's my gear for today:
Shorts, shirt, "shoes", and a bag to carry it all in. (Not pictured, the GPS watch on my wrist).

Running is a super-light-weight activity. You can do it anywhere, at any time of day, and this is all you need. No racquet, no ball, no court, no helmet, no tires. You might bring along a water bottle, but that's it.

Simple. Simple is good. I'm just sayin'...

But spring isn't all daisies and butterflies. Warm weather and sunshine (not pictured today) also bring out the lunch commuter. For some reason, nice weather makes people want to get out of the office (good) and climb into their car (kinda defeats the purpose).

All of these cars zipping around to find some calories to shovel in are none of my business, except where we cross paths.

If you're one of us, running out with these beasts, be careful, be patient, and respect the damage that a 3000 pound hunk of steel piloted by a cell-phone-jabbering, Slurpee-slurping, radio-tuning, mascara-primping, french-fry-munching, OMG-LOL-texting  human can do to your bod. Give them a wide berth.

If you're one of the drivers, please keep an eye out for us. We're not hard to spot. Just look for the ghost white legs sticking out from under the circa 1987 shorts.

Good running,

Numbers: 4.2 miles with Bill and newbie Zack.