Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 65 - What not to eat for Breakfast

It all started with my daughter smoking her PR by 9 seconds while winning the 500 Free at Divisionals (Yea Maggo!!!)

Then we headed out for live music. Who doesn't love live music? Who? Who said "me"? You? Ok, you... you just keep quiet while the grown-ups talk.

The band was having a great time, which makes it all so much more fun. Even when they're playing songs I've never heard before. Hip-hoppy songs that I'm sure are very popular. Somewhere. Certainly.

We listened and danced until the band stopped. Then played some pool. Then, time to go home.


It was 2:30a and we decided we were hungry.

No one is ever really hungry at 2:30a.

Regardless, we found ourselves at Steak -n- Shake, a well known pseudo-diner-style burger place in the Midwest, which was surprisingly busy for 2:30a. Most surprised was the lone waitress who was serving all of the tables and the drive-through.

Here's a hint for those of us over 40... if you're at Steak -n- Shake at 2:30a and the room is a woefully under staffed, and you haven't had a nap, you might want to just go home. It's gonna be a while before you leave, and you'll be sitting down, and you'll realize you're not really hungry but you are really sleepy, and you'll want to put your head down on the table.

Eventually I ordered, received, and inhaled what I always order at S-n-S...

The Frisco Melt

Here's what the menu says about the Frisco Melt:

Two Steakburgers(TM) with American and Swiss cheeses, on buttery, grilled sourdough with our sweet ’n tangy Frisco sauce. Served with fries. 
"Hey! Doug! Over here. No, Here. Me! The guy who doesn't like live music. Yeah... uhm... I've actually BEEN to San Francisco, and no where did I ever see a sandwich like that."

You're asking for trouble, mister. Didn't I ask you to be quiet?

If you must know, the Frisco melt is not named for the city of San Francisco. It's actually an acronym...
FRISCO: Flaunting Risk of Indigestion, Stomach bloat, Cardiac Arrest, and Obesity. 
That's why I always get a side of cottage cheese... to make it healthy.

Good running,

Numbers: 1.7 miles, again tentatively trod, mostly on grass. Left foot really tender during the run. No race today, but did show up to hold down the fort/booth for Marty.