Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 74 - Guinness is Good for You

Good news, kids... my recent paranoia about the possibility of a hunk of goo dislodging and shutting off an important supply route for blood to my brain or heart or one of several other body parts that I've grown fond of over the years, has turned into an excuse to drink more Guinness.

I know! I'm really excited, too! Keep reading... it gets better...

First, researchers, who are never wrong, tell us that a pint a day is as good for you as taking a baby aspirin a day.

Hmmm... pint of Guinness or a baby aspirin... nothing against baby aspirin, but I'm goin' with the beer. Baby aspirin has never made me feel all happy inside. And doesn't come with yummy foam on top.

Second, another group of researchers has found that "moderate" beer consumption, because it contains vitamin B6 other "constituents", can protect against cardiovascular disease.

"Moderate" is left to be defined by the reader.

Personally, I think I need a lot of vitamin B6.

So without further ado, or really any ado... I don't think I've adone at all to this point... if I did it was by accident and I apologize.... I've prescribed myself a one-pint dose of Guinness, taken orally. Then I'm gonna sit back and let it do it's cardiovascular magic.

Good running,

Numbers: 4.5 miles on a new route. Stubbed the bujeezus out of my big toe. That's two toe stubs in two days. Three in a row is officially a conspiracy.