Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 77 - Tapping the Strat

Brisk, sunny morning in Vegas. The sidewalks are finally clear of tourists and drunks and drunk tourists. Feels like a trip to the Stratosphere is in order.

Can't wait to see what fun sights we see along the way. Can you? I didn't think so.

Off we go...

How can you have the "Ultimate Celebration of Motown" without 4 white guys from Australia?

Bwaaaaah - whew, I couldn't have held my breath much longer.

Star on sidewalk for Sam Schmidt, IndyCar driver, honoring him as a "Humanitarian".

Sam's star is located in front of this prestigious vacant lot.

Interesting note: I love Sam Schmidt. Great driver. Better team owner. Good guy. Does a lot for paralysis. Against it, actually. But, this is not exactly a "walk of fame" we're talking about. I saw only one other "humanitarian" star, and it was at least a mile from Sam's. Humanitarians are few and far between in Las Vegas. (Ba-doom ching)

Glad we got that cleared up.

If you do the Bellagio to Strat run and don't "tap the Strat", it doesn't count.

Two dudes from, uhm, let's say Europe, pretty wasted, still drinking Guinness at 8am.
Kudos, gentlemen.

"So how does one get to be a fountain cleaner at Ceasar's?"

No, that isn't me asking him for career advice. I learned long ago not to try to make your hobby into your job.

That's it. Not much happening in Vegas the morning after St. Patrick's Day. Lots of runners out. Few friendly ones. Maybe they were hung over. Meh, I had a great run regardless.

Good running,

Numbers: 6.1 from Bellagio to Strat (27:30) and back (23:00).