Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 70 - Trail Bobbing

I need to get something off of my chest...

People who play live trivia and use their Blackberry to Google the answers are big fat cheaters. They sit back in the corner hiding their hand-held cheat boxes and have the nerve to "woohoo!" when their name is called as the leaders EVERY ROUND. And "Booo" to the trivia-givers who not only turned a blind eye to the cheaters, but also didn't bring me back my $15 in change.

But kudos to the pub for the free Guinness glasses.

Ok... now, back to business.


My towel for the day is pink. Used to be white. I'm not very good at laundry.

Ok, now...

Ran on the trails by work with Bob this afternoon. The trails were in perfect condition... muddy, but mud that cushioned without any real slippage. And nary a puddle in sight. Just what the running doctor ordered for my healing foot and Bob's case of shin splints.

It was cool showing Bob the "Piddly Run-off". Again today it was not at all piddly, but we didn't care because we were running the trails, not the wimpy little pond loop.

We chatted about running and work and women and life for two circuits of the trail. We saw the river and a wheel and another fisherman, and I damn near went down when my foot snagged a vine that was up to no good.

Bob even got to cross The Gorge:

These trails are usually my refuge. They're where I go when I need to hide from work. It's where I go when I want to be alone with my thoughts and my breath and the trees and the dirt.

Today, it was good to have Bob there, too.

Good Running,

Numbers: 3.4 miles of trails.