Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 61 - Surprise!

Intervals (a type of "speed work" workout, with periods of going fast alternating with periods of going slow to recover, which helps to build strength and speed) have never been my favorite.

When Mike proclaimed that his workout today would be intervals, I was on the fence. He wanted to do them on our local rails-to-trails path. I'm an old track guy. I like running in circles, and controlling my pace, and knowing that if I need to quit I can just walk to the parking lot. Still, I was considering it.

Here's a peek into my internal monologue: "I could use some speed work, but I'm also only a couple of months back into 'serious' running. I've logged a some pretty good base miles, but I'm a little nervous about my twingey left foot. I want to race well this weekend, but I also wouldn't mind a nice lazy run and a ridiculous debate."

Even after we'd started I hadn't made up my mind.

When the fence I'd been riding ran out, I went with the interval guys. I could always opt out and turn back, right?

There days when you surprise yourself. Those are good days.

Better days are when you surprise others.

Even better days are when you thump guys considerably younger than you.

Today was an "even better" day. :-)

Good running,

Numbers: 5.0 miles with 3,2,2,2,2,3 minute intervals. Legs felt great, stride was springy.