Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 69 - Dentist and Snow Melt

What's one good thing about going to the dentist?

Yeah, I couldn't come up with anything either.

Had to have two fillings replaced this morning and now that the novacaine has worn off my mouth hurts like a mother. Not surprising considering I spent an hour with one person or another's hands in my mouth... sometimes both. Oh, and the 70-odd times I bit the inside of my cheek without knowing it, yeah, that cheek's like hamburger now.

Worse yet, the torture visit cost me a big chunk of my morning, so I was under the schedule gun. That meant that, despite my much improved ped, I would have to settle for a short run.

Off to the pond loop!

The "piddly run-off" was anything but piddly. Doesn't look like much in the picture, but it's easily ankle deep and cold as a door knob on Hoth. Warm temps mean melting and that water's gotta go somewhere. 

It used to go here..

under the bridge to the river, but obviously that's not an option right now, thanks to the big crane and mounded earth and rock wall that keep the big crane all dry. Instead it backs up in the ditch and the "not so piddly run-off".

So, of course, I turned back and cut my run short.

Wait... you bought that? How long have we been doing this? 69 days! YOU DON"T EVEN KNOW ME!

Sorry... it's cool... uh...ahem... no, I didn't turn back. I only had a few minutes for my escape from the everyday and I was not about to let a little water hold me back...

Colder than I thought... and deeper too. Looked about ankle deep... more like mid-calf.

Tricky part was the slippery bottom. One misstep and the ol' iPhone goes ploop.

Actually, the crossing was invigorating. Feeling the cold water flow over my feet was refreshing and awakening. The rest of the way in, my pace was much quicker and I felt great.

When your path comes to an unexpected obstacle, don't look at it as an impediment, but as an opportunity. The unexpected is what makes life fun and interesting.

Be open to the possibility that the stream across your path might be just the thing for a tender left foot and some smelly shoes.

Or maybe just drop a line in the water, relax, and see what happens...

Good running,

Numbers: 1.4 miles, schedule pressured short run.