Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 76 - 4-fer

Las Vegas.

One run. 

Four Fountains.

I know!

First Paris...


No really, trust me. This is the Paris Fountain.

Ok, you kinda have to take my word on this one. I snapped a bunch of pictures, but the sun was too bright for me to see what I was taking. These two are the best shots. Plus, it was realy crowded and I generated a little more attention than I like. The kind of attention that makes security folks wonder what's going on.

The pics get better... keep going...

Next Bally's...

The often overlooked, because it's lame, fountain at Bally's

Next, the difficult to pull off, world famous, fountains at Ceasar's...

I'm standing at the exact spot above which Evel Knievel said to himself, "Uh-oh..."

And finally, Bellagio...

No, not the Dancing Waters, that would be suicide. Or at least asking for a trip to jail. Today's St. Patrick's Day and I do NOT want to be in the Las Vegas lockup on St. Patrick's Day.

Instead, the still very nice fountain outside the lobby of the Bellagio that overlooks the biggun...

You think the little fountain has a complex?

Good running,

Numbers: 2.2 miles, about half of which was accompanied by a "squish squish" sound.