Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 363 - The Last Fountain

Know what's more stupid than running every day for a year?

Mileage goals. Mileage goals are really, really stupid.

Mileage goals push you to run longer than you know you should, just to hit a number. And then, after you hit your goal, you're right back at zero again.

And know what's more stupid than a mileage goal? Me! I'm so stupid, I'm chasing a stupid mileage goal, even though I know it's stupid.

That's why I was out pounding (too much) pavement this morning. I think it was still morning. Doesn't matter.

I plodded down the aforementioned Monon Trail to the seriously overrated Central Park. Not the New York City Central Park, which is most certainly the greatest park, and greatest urban running spot, in the universe. No, Carmel's Central Park, which is, as far as I can tell, the world's largest park without any grass. It's full of wild flowers and marshes and paths that wind around so much that you have no idea where they start, or finish, or how to get to them, since you can't walk across the expanse of wild flowers or through the marshes.

Anyway, I made it to the park, and around the park, the stupid pile-miles-on long way, and turned for home. Still a couple miles out, I passed a fountain, the one in Carmel's Rotary Plaza.* I've been in this fountain before, and I thought to myself "Hey, this might make a fun picture, me standing in the snow-filled fountain, as the last fountain of the year."

I pulled off the trail, stopped my watch, pulled my phone out, removed a glove, and all of the other things one does to get ready to take a picture. Meanwhile, the dog, or her own, I swear, decided she'd hop into the fountain herself, and defile it in her own particular style...

Apparently, Mandee does not care for the Rotary.

I know. I'm sorry, but it was impossible to resist.

Here's a palate cleanser...

Hot Chocolate stand... adorable, right?

If I'd had a dollar on me, and the kids, I'm assuming it was kids, had been out, I'd have bought some of their over-priced, and probably not very hot, hot chocolate. As long as their dad isn't in the Rotary.

Good running,

*For those who haven't been following along... I have a thing for getting into fountains. Check out the link on the right for a map, with pictures, of fountains I've defiled.

Numbers: 7.1 miles