Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 357 - To the Post Office!

I decided to free myself from my self-imposed prison yard, break free from the same old neighborhood route, and run an errand. Get it? Run an errand... I know, lame... I'll try to do better.

The errand was the Post Office, less than 2 miles away, if I take the shortcut through the woods. Problem with the shortcut is that it's about calf-deep in snow.

Problem with calf-deep snow is that the shoes I'm running in now are super-duper light and super-duper fast racing flats.

Problem with super-duper light and super-duper fast racing flats is that they're made with holes in the bottoms. Seriously... look...

Those holes are really holes... all the way through. And even the inside has holes...

The idea is that the super-speedy runners who would wear super-duper light and super-duper fast racing flats need air to flow through them to keep their feet cool, and also to keep sweat from building up inside the shoes, turning the super-duper light racing flats into sloshy, heavy clogs.

That's all great, if you're super-speedy. And it's July.

If it's December, and your tromping through calf-deep snow, those holes become snow and/or slush conduits, usher that cold wetness from the outside to the inside of the shoes. Trust me on this, and this should probably be obvious, but just in case... you want snow and/or slush to stay on the outside of your shoes.

Luckily, there's an easy fix. As the great Tim Conway said... no wait, it was Tim Allen. I always get those two confused, don't you? Anyway, as the great Tim Allen said, if you can't fix it, duct-it...

Adhesive magic

Is there anything duct tape can't do? (Warning: Don't click on that link unless you have absolutely nothing else to do.)

So the run went off without a hitch. Also without damp, cold feet.

However, I do have a short rant...


In what universe is it acceptable for clear your sidewalk and not do the last 15 feet to the adjoining driveway?

I get it. It's not your property. But look at what you've done here. What value have you added for your customers? None! You've just told your customer that you clear the sidewalk because someone said you have to. You've told them you don't really care about their comfort or safety. You've cleared 150 feet of sidewalk, and not the last 15 feet that would make the sidewalk passable. You've cleared a path to nowhere.

Here's an idea for the new year: When we're doing something, let's stand back and take at look at what we're doing and ask ourselves if it makes sense. Not "Did I meet the minimum requirement?", but "Did I meet the need?"

And while I'm at it, don't try to protect yourself by putting warnings on packaging that you know we'll just ignore...

It confuses the children.

Good running,

Numbers: 3.6 miles