Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 353 - Christmas Day

Today was Christmas Day at our house. The kids go back to their mom's on Christmas Eve, so we moved the fun up a few days. Gives the kid a chance to enjoy their loot. Also gives me a chance to enjoy their enjoyment.

The unwrapping was fun, and memorable. My favorite tag "From: A Depressed Manta." Inside? A "blue ray" player. I slay myself.

My favorite moment, though, was when the daughter finally broke a smile. She'd spent the morning playing the role of disgruntled teenager. Tired, so very, very tired. And grumpy. And unimpressed. By anything.

But deep down, deep under that crusty exterior of indifference, my little girl still loves a day with nothing planned, and some new stuff to arrange in her room.

The boys have Tronned into their new XBox.

The dog is madly in love with the beef bone she found in her stocking.

And I wore a brand new long sleeve running top on my short run.

The highlight of the run was when the dog and I met Derek. Derek is a small boy, probably 4. He was walking with his grandmother, or perhaps his mother, if his mother is a procrastinator.

"Can I pet your dog?", Derek screamed as we ran by.

We trotted over and he rubbed the dog's head. And the dog buried her nose is Derek's little crotch. Derek didn't seem to mind. Surprisingly, neither did Grandma.

"Uhhhh... So, Derek... do you have a dog? You do?! Oh, that must be what she smells."

Yeah, right... she smells "Derek's dog". Please...

I'm thinking little Derek doesn't wipe very well. Mandee was digging for doggie gold, AKA the irresistible smell of poo.

30 seconds of awkward social interaction with strangers was enough for me. I wished Derek a Merry Christmas, extricated the hound from his sniff fest, and finished the run.

Canine-on-child molestation notwithstanding, it was a great, great day. I'm very lucky to be able to recognize, and appreciate, how special that is.

Good running,

Numbers: 3.0 miles on the neighborhood streets.