Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 358 - Christmas Eve Nightmare

I have a recurring nightmare. Actually I have several, but there's one that's appropriate. I'll cover that one this time....

In the nightmare, it's late on Christmas Eve and suddenly I realize that I haven't bought any presents for my loved ones. I'm driving around like mad trying to find a store that's open. Finally, I find myself scurrying around a convenience store, desperately buying pathetic Christmas gifts.

I know, horrible, right?

Well, I was thisclose to having that nightmare turn to reality tonight.

I've been asking my kids for 2 weeks, daily for the last week, to come up with ideas for gifts for their mom.

Day after day, we'd venture out for groceries, or other sundry errands, and I'd implore them "Please, let's look around for something for your mom... please!"

From the youngest, I got "Let me think about it." From the middle one, I got "I've tried! I can't think of anything!" And from the oldest, "I'm sleeping!!!"

And then, this evening, Christmas Eve, at 4:36pm during a GF family gathering, the middle one says, via text from the other room, "We need 2 get mom a gift still."

H. F. S.

WHAM!!! Suddenly, I see myself trying to convince the kids that a pine tree air freshener, a 2-liter of Mr. Pibb, and a King Size Snickers are dandy gifts.

As politely as one can exit a huge family gathering 10 minutes after presents have been opened, we made haste. We made a big ol' pile of haste.

Being the father of a 16-yr old daughter has its challenges. But at this moment, it was a life saver. "Dad, see what time Vera Bradley closes."

WHOOSH!!! My iPhone was out, Google maps was queried, the number was dialed... 6:00pm! Hazzah!

Surgical strike... we moved into Very Bradley in the standard Delta formation. The daughter surveyed the landscape and selected goods. The boys weighed in. Matching wallet procured. 25% off... sweet. And we're clear... no casualties.

One hit, one kill. Sniper Shopping at its best. Nightmare averted, at least for another year.

But if some day you receive a Cherry Coke Slushee from me for Christmas, go easy on me.

Good running,

P.S. Oh, and I came home to find that I'd been visited by the Beer Fairy, who left me a 4-pack of Tyranena's Hop Whore Imperial India Pale Ale. If that doesn't say Merry Christmas, then I don't know what does.

Numbers: 2.8 miles around the neighborhood