Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 359 - Flock of Inflatables

Ok, guys... just because Costco has something for sale, that doesn't mean you have to buy it.

It doesn't even mean it's you should buy it.

Unless you are charging admission, the maximum acceptable number of inflatables is two per yard. Two... per yard. And that's not two in the front, two in each side yard, and two in the back. Two, total. There's Christmas spirit, and then there's Christmas psycho.

Hope all of you above average looking readers had a most excellent Christmas Day. How does the blog look on your new iPad?

Because Santa brought me some Patron and Godiva chocolates, my gift to myself this year was a wonderful 3 mile run. Sure, it was on the same old route, but running on Christmas makes everything about the run, I don't know... just, better. There's no rush. I don't have to squeeze the run in between this and that. There are hardly any cars on the streets. The people you pass aren't staring at the ground, trying to act like you aren't there. They're cheerful and smiley and making actual human eye contact.

As I was wrapping up the run, I realized that running was just about the only fitness activity one can do outside, any (or every) day of the year, no matter what the climate. If I wanted to swim, every pool is closed today, or frozen over. Tennis? Clubs are closed and courts are under 4 inches of snow. Cycling? Suicide on the snowy, icy roads. I totally lurve the simplicity of running.

Don't let a little thing like cold, or snow, or a religious holiday keep you from doing something for yourself. Even if you have to do it inside.

Good running,

P.S. If you happen to see the dog over the next few days and notice the lovely sheen on her fur, please don't compliment her on it. She got that sheen from the two eggs she scarfed off my plate I left unguarded for 10 seconds. I'd rather not encourage that particular behavior. She's lucky I had more eggs, or my breakfast would've been fried dog on toast.

Numbers: 3.0 miles dodging reindeer droppings.