Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 181 - 6 months

In January, I looked forward to getting to 10 days, and then to 31.

In February, I had 50 days, and then 2 months as my targets.

Then 100 days, and then a quarter of the way, then 150 days.

Now, I'm staring at 6 months down, 6 to go. Almost half-way.

[365/2 = 182.5, not 181]

[Yeah, I know. Kinda anal-retentive, but also true.]

I'm trying to remember that guy. The guy who started this streak as a way to wrest control of his life back from, well, himself. But a different version of himself. A version that let the opinions and wishes and whims of other people pull him away from who he really was.

That guy was frustrated with where he was. His financial situation was... not pretty. And he was really angry at a couple people.

Thankfully, that guy was also brave enough to step back and take a look at himself. And, with the help of some very dear friends, he was able to see what was going on.

Through chance, or divine intervention, or a karmic nudge, whichever you care to pin it on, the thought occurred to him that the path back to a life, and a life style, that he'd be happy in, needed to be traveled on foot. And progress needed to be made, steadily, every day.

For about a year.

Six months later, life sure as hell's not perfect. I'm not going to be nominated to be the next Dalai Lama, or anything. In no small part because they don't really vote on that position.

But... I feel no frustration. My finances are sound. I have anger for no one. I'm in a very positive, and this is key, nourishing relationship. And I can see Happy from here.

Oh, and I got a free motorcycle!

Can't wait to see what the next 6 months have for me.

Maybe a boat!

Good running,

Numbers: 4 miles, peppy pace, on the multi-purpose (asphalt) trail.