Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 166 - Power Outage

Yet another thunderstorm, and this one took out the power to my
neighborhood. So, tonight I'm blogging by candlelight, from my phone,
like the pioneers did. So please forgive format funkage.

When the lights went out, the dog dove Into my lap. Good to know that
she sees me as her protector. Next time, though, I'll have to remember
to guard my junkage.

Oop. The lights gave a flicker, but no. Just a death rattle tease.
Dog, back to panic freakage.

It's so quiet in here I can hear the cables burning. When the thunder
iisn't shaking the cottage.

Hey! Power's back! Dog now trying to climb up on my shoulders. Air
back on, and the phone is ringing, thanks to Vonage.

Good runage,

Numbers: 4.0 miles on the monon trailage.