Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 180 - Duke's Birthday

What do you get the 10yr old boy who wants everything?

When he's the youngest, you give him some power. Some pull. Some say.

As Cartman would say, Some author-i-tah.

In The Duke's case, that meant he made the call for entertainment (we went swimming) and where we ate (Steak-n-Shake).

And it also meant getting him his very own iPod Touch. This gets him, or at least his hand-held entertainment, out from under the rule of his older brother.

Now, he can play his games, watch his movies, listen to his music.

Whenever. He. Wants.

There aren't many things a 10yr old can be in control of, but I think those are reasonable.

I just hope he doesn't lose the thing.

Good running,

Numbers: Got the run in just under the wire. 10p start and a short 1.4 miles. This time on pavement. Felt decent. Think I'll live.