Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 155 - The Vet's Office

Took Mandee to the vet for a booster shot. We got there a little early and had to wait a few minutes.

While we were waiting in the examining room, Mandee decided to have a stare down with the door.

Anyway, my legs, my body, and my brain are exhausted. It's been a long week, and my running has taken a hit. Nothing a good night's sleep won't fix. And it better, because I'm racing tomorrow.

Let's check in on Mandee...

Oh, and my son's first track meet was this evening. He ran great. I couldn't be more proud of him.

Ok, I'm wiped out. My brain is running on fumes. I'm going to chose to write (almost) nothing rather than write (more) crap.

Wonder if the vet is coming soon.

What a weird dog.

Good running,

Numbers: 1.3 miles. Legs, and everything else, really tired.