Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 157 - That first step

This morning, despite having new shoes to try out, I wasn't looking forward to my run.

I was still a little sore from the race yesterday. Something about the standing around and the heat and the not stretching. Mostly the not stretching.

I lounged in bed, flipping channels, procrastinating.

I knew that getting out of bed and gearing up and heading out was going to be uncomfortable. A lot less comfortable than my bed.

But, if you're lucky, there's a moment when your reasoning overcomes your reluctance. When you know that even though it doesn't feel like it now, you'll be glad that you ran.

And my reasoning was way right.

The first few strides were a little rough. But step after step, my legs felt a teeny fraction better. My pace quickened, gradually, as my muscles relaxed and got warm. Within a mile, I was cruisin'.

Over the last mile, my feet weren't even touching the ground. I was fast and light and running without effort.

I didn't want the run to end.

I felt healthy, alive, awake, at peace, and genuinely happy. Those, boys and girls, are some good feelings.

I felt fortunate to be able to not only feel those things, daily, but also to recognize and value those moments.

Then, I wondered if everyone else has moments like that.

I hope so.

The hardest step of every great run is the first step. And it's not always the first step on the ground. Some days it's just deciding to run. Some days it's deciding that you want to run. Some days it's deciding that you want more good feelings in your life.

Good running,

Numbers: 3.0 miles on roads with dog in new shoes. (I wore new shoes, not the dog, in case that wasn't clear.)