Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 171 - Father's Day

I awoke this morning with my kids under my roof, my 3-day funk and 3-day headache both gone, and the smell of scrambled eggs and bacon wafting in from the kitchen.

Ok, there were no eggs. No bacon either. Just a bellowed "Can we have chocolate chip pancakes?"

I was happy to oblige.

My gifts for fathers day? The Duke was way eager for me to open the gifts that were from all three kids but he picked out: Purdue-opoly, origami rockets, and my favorite, a Snicker's multi-pack.

From "The Middle One" I was happy with a safe return from camp. The boy survived two tornado warnings  and 2 thunderstorm warnings... over 5 nights. For those lovely tornado warning, the boys dawned panchos and and walked to and sat in a ravine.  Outside. At night. In the rain.

And he wants to go back.

From the 16 year old girl, I got a snarl. Oh, and she didn't stab me in the neck while I slept in hopes of inheriting my car. So I've got that going for me.

After pancakes, the boys and I went to see Toy Story 3. (The girl was still ever so tired. She could only muster the strength to watch Glee on Hulu. Poor thing.)

Damn you John Lasseter and the insanely talented people at Pixar! How dare you bring me to the brink of manly tears on Father's Day!

Seriously great movie, though. Seriously. I love watching Woody run. Genius! Though Buzz in "Spanish mode" may be even better.

After the movie, the boys and I jumped feet first into the Carmel public pool. Oh, they can call it The Monon Aquatic Center, all they want. It's still a public pool. You can tell by closing your eyes and listening to all of the spanish being spoken. Not judging. Just sayin'. Still, water slides, lazy river, the smell of chlorine. We had a blast.

Back home and some (excellent if I do say so myself) burgers on the grill and a quick trip to DQ were next.

Apparently DQ is the cure for teenage girl angst. She and I watched the IndyCar race on Tivo, and she even paused it to make sure I didn't miss some key pit action. And, when I returned from my short run, she had transformed into a smiling, laughing, talking, enjoyable human.

She had music blaring from the Mac, had The Middle One singing along to "Jesse's Girl" on queue, and after my shower asked,"Hey Dad, want to do some yoga with (The Duke) and I?"

Just like the one perfect shot in a hundred that keeps people playing golf, each 90-minute stretch of daddy-daughter fun keeps her the apple of my eye.

Pixar shorts with The Duke, and the night was over.

But before we close this great Father's Day...

Refreshing beverage, social lubricant, the perfect kindling to save backyard s'mores... Fat Tire, is there anything you can't do?

Good running,

Numbers: 1.7 miles between watching TK win at Iowa and yoga with the kids.