Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 50 - Yoink!

Today was one of those days jam packed with the stuff that fills our life.

I'd planned to take the afternoon off because I had two big things scheduled and didn't need the stress or guilt of missing work. That meant that I had to cram most of a day's work into the few hours I'd be in the office... and with a meeting smack dab in the middle.

Meetings are where productivity and motivation go to die.

I managed to crank out the emails that couldn't wait and then Whoosh! bolted out to Target.

Who doesn't love Target? Walmart without the grit. Without the grime. Without the Walmartiness.

Zip! I had my prescription and my memory stick for my camcorder and was out in maybe 15 minutes.

Think about that... one stop... one store... life saving medicine AND 8GB of high speed memory. One manufactured in some factory in China, and one, well, probably manufactured in the same factory in China, but still, they probably came over on different cargo ships. Or at least in different containers.

Reeeoowwww! (BTW, that's an IndyCar, not a hair-lipped cat) I had time to stop by home, let the dog out, and make myself a quick sandwich for lunch.

Foooom! Off to the spelling bee. My youngest made the top 5 in his class, which earned him a trip to the finals... in front of all of the other 4th graders... and a microphone. He wasn't looking forward to it. He went out on his first word... dissect. Meh. He seemed to have fun, even more so when he was off the stage. And all of his glory is captured on video... on my new 8GB memory stick.

Doooweeep! Off to the tax guy. Oh, wait, the bee ended early. It's only 3:00. I have time to stop at 96th Street Steakburgers for a quick lunch. Yum!

Anybody catch that? I didn't, until I sat down with my lunch. I'd already had lunch! At home!

Didn't stop me. Didn't even slow me down.

Doing! (The tax guy was just across the street.) W2, 1099s, charitable this, deductible that. Done and done... except for the 6 things I have to dig up.   I always leave there with homework.

Aaaaaannnnnd scene! Day done, and it was only 4:00.

Driving home, feeling rather proud of myself, I was thinking where to stop for a nice quiet celebratory Friday pint. "There are 2 very nice places right on my way home. My tummy's all full from my lunches, I might even take a nap after my WAIT A MINUTE, I HAVEN'T RUN YET!!!"

Jeemani! (pronounced YEE-ma-nee, spanish for "Yike!") I was thisclose to moving right into the evening thinking I'd already run.

Truth is, that's my biggest fear... Yoinking myself off of the streak by just forgetting.

Skreeeeeee! (Not easy burning rubber in a hybrid) Straight home. Do not pass "Go", do not have a pint.

Woke the dog, ran a short, slow one, and phwew... Got it in.

Despite all of the chaos, and distraction, a steakburger and fries firmly lodged in my stomach, I remembered.

I rescued 13 minutes for myself, to my thing.

Good running,

Numbers: 1.4 miles, slow. Racing tomorrow, if I remember.