Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 36 - Hey look, weather

Only in Indiana could the SuperBowl-bound home team be knocked off the headlines for some snow.

At 11:15 schools are letting out early. I imagine the bread, milk, and eggs are flying off the shelves at the grocery stores. From my window, there isn't even any accumulation on the streets yet.

The city loves to get into a lather, for any reason. But man do we love our snow.

And actually, I have to take issue with this particular "snow." I was out in it. This is not snow.

If you can hear it hitting the ground, it's not snow.

This is slush. Slush falling from the sky.

Slush has no redeeming value, and is particularly unpleasant when it's being whipped at your face by a nasty headwind.

Since I was looking for a rest-mile day, and could use some shelter from the wind and cold globs of icy goo, I decided to give the nearby trail another look. This time, running the opposite way. This meant that I'd start on the now mostly ignored asphalt path around the pond.

I hadn't set foot on this path since the building managers sent out a note last summer warning everyone of a "large snake" seen near the path that had been "lunging at cyclists and pedestrians."

For those who don't know, I have an unnaturally strong fear of snakes. I don't want to have anything lunging at me. If a snake were to lunge at me, I would shriek like a little girl, wet myself, and most likely die from some panic-related cardiac rupture.

Considering the temperature, and slush storm, I was pretty sure the snake wouldn't be around. Or if it were, it wouldn't be lunging.

The path was mostly covered in, you guessed it, slush. It looked like snow, all white and pretty. But it wasn't snow. Every step made a little "squish" sound. Every step slopped a little slush onto my shoes. It was just lovely.

But the "piddly run-off" was once again piddly and the "gorge" was easily passable. So the loop was mostly uneventful.

By the end of the short run, the wind had subsided a bit, and the slush was falling mostly straight down. If I didn't know better, I'd have said it looked kinda pretty.

Good running,

Numbers: 1.4 easy rest-miles