Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 42 - The Backside of Vegas

Seth and I headed out again early this morning.

Saw this car at the valet stand. Driver was 6'4'', 270.

Seth gave me the scoop on the party I missed last night. (We opted to lay low last night with a fabulous dinner at Belagio... Seabass (ill-tempered), and early to bed given the looming red-eye trip home) Summary: Party sucked. Music was awesome.

Again the weather was perfect... 40s and dazzling sunshine.

We stayed off the beaten path and headed away from the strip, going up and over the highway and then up the back side of the hotels.

It's incredible that such valuable real estate can sit unused. But there are a lot of these lots just waiting for yet another hotel/casino. The lots are huge expanses of loose dirt and gravel... perfect for hiding bodies... I'm just sayin'...

Going rogue like this usually involves some hunt-and-pecking to find your way through. Sidewalks end abruptly, roads turn into freeways, big ol' backhoes block your path, and sometimes, your path just ends.

No worries. We humped across the vacant lot, careful not to tread on any broken glass or unmarked graves, and were soon back on solid ground.

Another half mile and we were back to civilization, if fake New York City counts as civilization.

We picked the pace up for the obligatory dash along a short section of the strip, ran under the big phallus obelisk outside Luxor, and returned safely to our home away from home.

It's been a real treat running here in LV this week. And thanks to Seth, my mileage the last couple days has been pretty decent. Good thing, too. Home is under snow. Deep. There's a good chance I'll need snowshoes before I get to run in shorts again.

Good Running,

Numbers: 3.5 miles, again, perfect weather.