Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 33 - Disappointing beer, fish tacos, and conspiracy theories

During my short run today, I kept thinking about my dining experience last night.

My latest craving has been for Guinness. I'd been craving a pint all weekend, and it was time to pay up.

Went to a new place, my third visit actually, just a half block down from my regular place. I like to give new places an honest try. So far this place was batting .500.

I got fish tacos, a highly recommended item that I'd been less than impressed with the first time I tried it. But it was fish and salsa, and I need to start cutting back on the junk food. Oh, and I also got an order of fries. Double order, actually. Baby steps...

I really like the bartender there. Let's call him Christian. Oh, wait, that's his real name. Let's call him... Christian. Damn, did it again... ok, we'll call him Sam.

Christian Sam is an excellent bartender. He knows when to leave you alone. He remembers what you are drinking. He's a conspiracy theory kinda guy ("My financial advisor said I should stock up on food, water, and ammunition cause Obama is taking this country straight to socialism!"), but he keeps up on the level in your glass.

So much so, that last night, he had a new Guinness ready for me just as I was finishing one off. For those who don't know, it takes more than just filling the glass to pour a decent pint of Guinness. It's a two step process with settling time between the steps. So this was pretty impressive.

The problem was that the Guinness tasted... how can I describe it? Wrong. It was just wrong. It was a little flat. A little too cold. Just wrong. Like Diet Guinness would taste if there were such a thing.

My dining partner called an audible and switched to Fat Tire. An excellent choice, I might add. Goes great with fish tacos and a bucket of fries.

But Chri... Sam had so expertly timed that pour, perfectly anticipating my needs, that I drank the second pint anyway. Not out of obligation, but appreciation for a job well done. "I'll get a Fat Tire the next round.", I said resolutely.

Then he did it again.

Another flat, stale, disappointing Guinness, stealthily prepared under my nose without my noticing.

I drank it. It was no better. Possibly worse.

Then it occurred to me that it was Monday. My regular place, the one 200 feet up the sidewalk, the place that servers perfect, delicious, proper pints of Guinness every time, does so for $4 a pop on Monday's.

But they don't serve fries.

Oh! ... Ummm... Go out and get a run in!

Good Running,

Took this one the run today. Technically it's a pond, not a fountain, so no I didn't.

Numbers: 1.1 (rest) miles at just the right pace to be warmed up for some serious stretching.