Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 41 - Early AM run with Seth

In 20 minutes, we went from being nose-to-nose with sharks to sipping cocktails from glasses made of ice, on a couch made of ice, in a room made of ice.

That would be plenty for one night anywhere else in the world. But we're in Vegas, baby.

Back for another night in the casino lounge. The Lemons were back on stage and rocking just as hard as last night.

And this time, we ran into people we knew. Plus we made some new friends. And it was all good.

Until the Jägerbombs.

I'm a Tequila guy. Simple. Unadorned. 100% agave. Keeps bad things from happening.

I also don't drink caffeine. Haven't for over 4 years.

Mixing Jäger and RedBull is a double-dose of bad news for me.

Specifically, last night the Jägerbomb induced a serious case of drunknesia. I really don't remember anything past those gulps. There was dancing in a club, in the casino outside the club, and in the room. Apparently I had a great time. Bothers me that I don't remember any of it. Bad Doug. That's why I stick to tequila.

But the Jägercoma faded in time for me to keep my 8:30 run with Seth. It was really rough the first couple miles, but the gorgeous view of the mountains and the bright sunshine in the crisp morning brought me back to life. By the last mile we were hauling the mail.

I think it was the sweating that did it...purged the last of the Jäger out of my system.

Good running,

Numbers: 5.4 miles in perfect conditions.