Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 44 - Zamboni

We all know what a Zamboni is, right? It's a big truck/machine used at ice rinks. What it does is shave the top layer of crappy ice and snow that has accumulated, then it spreads a thin coat of warm water on top, filling all the cracks so that when that water freezes, the ice is smooth as glass for skaters.

Yesterday the temp stuck it's nose above 32F, melting just the top layer of ice that still covers all of the side streets. You know, the streets that are less traveled, the ones we run on. Last night it got good and cold again.

Zamboni effect.

This morning, anywhere there was ice, it was perfect for skating. Diabolical for running.

If there ever was a day not to run, this was it. Cold. Slippery. Packed with stuff to do (including state swim meet... Go Maggo!).

Of course, I went anyway. I stole just a few minutes for myself.

As I was out there, in between thoughts of how great it was to be out in the world, and how easy it would be to snap a wrist on the next patch of ice, I thought about all of the days I didn't run last year. The day in Michigan at the indian casino when the snow was falling fast and deep. That would have been a great experience. The half-marathon I got talked out of on race morning. What was I thinking?

This happened day after day. There were uncountable reasons. Some reasonable reasons. Mostly weak excuses.

How could I have rationalized not doing something that I knew was so good for me? Why did I deny myself something I enjoy so much? How did I manage to get through the day? How did I let that happen?

My daily run clears my head from the crap that's piled up. It calms me, smooths out my mood, puts things into perspective, and sets me up for a great day.

Zamboni effect.

My ice must have been a mess last year. No wonder the skating was so bad.

Tend your ice, folks.

Good running,

Numbers: 3 miles.