Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 265 - The 12:30 Meeting

You may remember what I think about 8:00 am meetings.

I am also not at all fond of 12:30pm meetings. I know there are only so many conference rooms, and only so many time slots when everyone is available, and you can only wait so long for these critical decisions*, but lunch meetings that do not include free food are uncalled for.

Scheduling a meeting over lunch is like farting in an elevator. You just don't do it. You squeeze your cheeks. You find another time slot.**

Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the finer social graces. I had a 12:30 today.

So sure was I that no one would do such a thing in a civilized world, I went out for a run over lunch. Luckily, I'd already planned on a short one because of this...

A big, nasty storm was coming my way. I didn't recognize it at first. Not surprising since we haven't had rain here since the Carter Administration.

Since the run had to be quick, I hit the trails by the office.

Remember how I've said that on trails, you need to be present? If your mind wanders off too far, for too long, you might fa- LOOK OUT!!!

See that root there?

I didn't.

My big toe hit it square. And firm. And really, really hard.

So hard that I did the Dick Van Dyke prat fall all the way past the far end of that log. Would have fallen on my face had I not grabbed a hunk of some leafy ivy.

As I stood up, taking a quick roll-call of my body parts - all present - I wondered out loud, "How much you wanna bet that was poison ivy?"

It wasn't. I owe karma one for that.

Moving along the trail, I was glad to see that the nettles dying...

See ya, stupid nettles.

When I took my phone out to capture this wonderful sight of annoying vegetation meeting its end, I got the friendly/shocking pop-up notice telling me that I had... sigh... a 12:30 meeting.

And it was 12:19.

I scurried back, cutting short my already short run, and made it to the office, at 12:30.

Just so you know... if you schedule a 12:30 meeting, there's a pretty good chance I'll be there, but I won't be happy... and I probably won't have showered.

Good running,

*Like these meetings ever produce any meaningful decisions.
** Don't get cute... you pick a time slot before 8a or after 5p and we'll bury you... alive.

Numbers: 2.0 miles on trails.