Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 249 - Taste this, too!

Posting mobile... from SFO... eating crappy airport food. After a week of remarkable dining, this is an abrupt, and unpleasant transition.

Anyway... No pix today.

The morning's run was in a new direction, west, to the other side of the tracks.

Not much on the other side of the tracks... Golf course, winery, California veterans home. Tell ya what, if you are thinking about being a veteran in need of a home, California is the place to do it.

Just at the point I was ready to give up and turn around. I saw a big gate. On the gate was a sign that said "Private". The gate was open.

Since this was my first chance to harmlessly trespass without scaling any barbed wire, I went in.

From a distance, the long, straight tree-line drive seemed to dead-end. On closer examination, the dead end was actually a hill.

I'd been begging for a hill to climb. There were hills everywhere, but they were all fenced.

I finally had my hill. But this was a straight-up-kinda-like-a-wall hill. And after a week of walking non-stop my legs were shot.

Still, I gave it a shot.

I made it up a 1/4 mile before the rev-limiter on my heart kicked in. I'd just made what I though was a summit. It was just a mostly flat spot that connected the hill behind me to the even steeper hill in front of me.


I turned around and headed home, ready for a short day of tasting and soaking in the beauty of the Napa valley.

If I am wake at any time tomorrow after this red-eye flight, I'll fill y'all in.

Good running,

Numbers: 3.4 miles on roads.