Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 263 - Colts v Giants

Thanks to my very good fortune to have landed a way cool brother, and his good fortune to have landed a very cool girlfriend, and all of our good fortune that she works for the folks who built Lucas Oil Stadium, and our even better fortune that she is supremely generous and gracious, I had unimaginably great seats for the Colts v Giants game last night.

That's football, in case you don't follow.

Anyway, the view from the second row looks something like this...

Yes, that was sideline reporter Andrea Kremer. She is amazingly tiny, and she's better looking in person. And unbeknownst to the guy next to us, she is NOT going to turn around, even if she hears you bellowing her name. She thinks you are creepy. And a doof. And a moron. Give it up.

I was also maybe 7 feet from Bob Costas. Also tiny.

Aside from, you know, the game, I really enjoyed the hubbub of the sidelines. Not just the players. The officials, the cable pullers, the poor security dudes who spend the whole game with their backs to the field, looking up into the stands, where nothing is happening except for the occasional Andrea Kremer stalker. (Though apparently, one of the Giants, meaning to slam his helmet to the ground, let loose a little early, sending it about 10 rows into the crowd. And the crowd wanted to keep it. There was laughing. Then security. Then police. Then things weren't so laughy. Shortly thereafter the helmet found its way back to the Giant.)

But my favorite part of the sideline commotion is the boom camera that shuttles back and forth, up and down, following the action. At the end of the boom is a basket. Inside the basket is a camera. And a camera man. Or in this case, a camerawoman, who did not let decorum keep her from getting her shot...

Squatting for the show

But my favorite favorite part is the guy behind the wheel...

Duuuuuuh, I drive duh cam er uh!*

The Colts were ahead early. And they stayed that way. This really bummed out the Giants.

They spent A LOT of time bummed out.

Especially Eli Manning, Peyton's brother...

who spent the evening either bummed out, or on his back with Dwight Freeney or Robert Mathis sitting on his chest.

These guys were bummed out, too, but for different reasons. 91's named after the act of tipping a stripper. And 72's name sounds like an STD.

But the big question of the night is "Wow it's possible  PF Chang's doesn't understand the concept of a 'reservation'". If you have a "reservation" for 7:00p and you arrive at the hostess stand at 7:00p, then they are supposed to have "reserved" a table for you, not a buzzer.

Good running,

* I'm sure this camera driver is a perfect nice and intelligent person. That didn't stop me from saying "I drive duh cam er uh!" every time he drove by.

Numbers: 2.8 miles on sidewalks and roads