Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 268 - The Woods.

The day started so well...

For the first time in weeks, it didn't feel like the welding gnomes had snuck in during the night and fused together all of the bones in my ankles.

And my hip didn't feel like there was a pineapple wedged in between the muscles.

And I have no idea why.

I didn't do anything different.

It just happened.

And thanks to whatever forces aligned, I was soon basking in a cloudless morning, cruising on the cross country course my son was about to race on.

This was the first time I'd run the course. And the first time I'd ventured into... the woods.

Several times I've seen the runners go in to the woods, and emerge later. And I've wondered what happens in there.

Turns out, what happens in the woods is lots of gravel, a few interesting growths that look a lot like orange cones,  and a trail that goes up hill... the whole way.

I know my geometry, but I can't find the downhill for this long-ass uphill. It's as if the course was designed by Escher.

I survived three trips into the woods and had a wonderful run. It was one of those runs where I felt like I could have run forever, and I hated to see it end.

The boy ran great, too. Better than I did, for sure.

And we were both done for the day before 10:30a. The morning was still clear and crisp, and with our legs warm and loose, our lungs and heads clear, we were ready to enjoy it.

Hope you did, too.

Good running,

Numbers: 3.1 miles on grass and gravel.