Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 269 - Sunday

Posting mobile tonight.

Realized after going to bed that the day had evaporated on me and I'd yet to visit the ol' blog.

That's what happens when you're living your life.

If you're just existing, time passes like a bad homecoming parade.

But living your life, like playing a night game of kickball, and organizing a paper plane throwing contest, and playing Wii with the kids, and watching a movie with the kids (while you ice your heels to help them recover from the kickball game), and going to your nephew's intersquad baseball game, and using the women's restroom because your sister mistakenly locked the men's room, and sitting at the counter at Steak n Shake, and grabbing a quick run, and packing lunches, and two trips to the grocery to get stuff for lunches, and writing notes for the kids lunch bags, and settling down for a movie with the kids, and then hitting the hay early only to bolt upright when you realize you hadn't written anything, well time can get away from you.

Good running,

Numbers: 1.6 miles on grass.