Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 267 - Homecoming Game

Took the kids the the high school's homecoming game. And by taking them, I mean I bought our tickets and they ditched me.

The team got slaughtered.

The marching band performance was uninspired.*

There were 13 girls in the Homecoming court. 13!

But the most disturbing sight was the meeting of the mascots. I'm not sure which was creepier, the blow-up doll without a mouth, or the maniacal David Letterman.

Good running,

*When I was in school, people came to the game to see the band. Seriously. And I'm just saying that because I was in band. Anyone else who was in the band will back me up.

Numbers: 1.4 squeezed in between cleaning up the dog's crate-bound poo explosion and cleaning up the dog's puke.