Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 260- Wine Whine

Are you kidding me!?!

The first wine club wine booty, which thanks to the backward podunk 1835-style laws of my home state on Indiana, has to be delivered to the GF's brother in Chicago, have shipped.

And on their way to Chicago, where do you supposed they passed through?

That's right... from Oakland to India-friggin;-napolis... 30 minutes, with traffic, from my house. I would have been glad to pick it up.

But no...

Then, it went up to Chicago, totally blowing out my carbon footprint.

The good folks who have agreed to babysit our wine, have a life. Not a surprise that they aren't sitting around, twiddling their thumbs, waiting for the FedEx guy to show up. So, it's made two round-trips between Skokie and the Northside of Chicago.

Rather than having the goods arrive safely, and efficiently, and in a slightly more earth friendly manner, at my office, yesterday, they've spent two days wandering around greater Chicagoland.

These laws are anti-competition, anti-interstate commerce, and stupid.

And they've made me cranky on a Friday night. And fired up to take it out on someone.

I'm going to Ask Mitch.

Good Running,

Numbers: 4.4 miles on roads.