Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 241 - MotoGP and other things

I really thought I'd be more tired.

Having made the late late run home from Chicago last night, I thought I'd be dragging. But bed at 2:30 and up at 9:30 seemed to be enough.

Had time to watch the F1 race from Spa, and get in a quick run, before riding down to the speedway.

The surprise of the day was running into my buddy Marty. Turned out he was meandering around Ducati Island, taking in the fashion show, and snagging a free shirt (which he generously gave to me).

We stood at the fence for the Moto2 race. Bikes were sliding all over the place. It might have been the sweat run-off from all of us along the fence. It was HOT.

For the second race, we climbed to base camp 3 at the top of the south stands. Why climb so high? Well, the view was marginally better, but the real reason was the sliver of shade.

The MotoGP race was fun. Not terribly dramatic. But fun. Lots of people to chat with and ooh and ahh with.

After the race, I humped it back to the bike and enjoyed a pleasant rode home.

Borrrrrinnnnng! Who cares about motorcycle racing? Or IndyCar racing for that matter?

Nice. Why do you hang out here? Seriously. Why don't you go read some IT blog, or something on

The point is, that we all have our own things... the things that we enjoy, just because. We don't care who else enjoys them. We do, and that's all that matters.

And, there are a few precious days when people who also enjoy one of your things, gather. And making the pilgrimage, going to where they are, is good for you. It's nourishing. It's reaffirming. And it's just plain fun to be around people who you can talk to about your thing, without having to explain it, or justify it, or defend it.

Embrace your thing. Enjoy your thing. And when you can, find other people who dig your thing and hang out with them and talk to them and let it sink in that you are part of a tribe that may be sparse, but it's out there.

Good running,

Numbers: 1.4 miles on trails and grass.