Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 229 - Running on Fumes

The Cough

Hardly slept last night thanks to that evil doer of evil, The Cough.

If it weren't for some plucky LifeSavers left over from Easter (not sure what year), I'd have been kept awake the entire night by that nemesis of justice, and truth, and breathing.

And this afternoon, I teamed up with... The Doctor ...

and his sidekick Auntie Biotics...

and we have The Cough on the run.

Sorry, been watching episodes of The Tick on Netflix and now my internal monologue is using Patrick Warburton's voice. To some, he's Puddy. To me, he'll always be the The Tick.

The Tick


Turns out my blood oxygen saturation was down to 93%.  That explains the woozy feeling. And that problem I've been having remembering stuff. And the fact I watched Larry King the other night.

Larry King

Accurate and timely uptake of a few select modern miracles of medicine in convenient pill and measured atomized doses, and I'll be good as new.

What do you think those spots are?

What spots?!? Those spots! They're everywhere!

Where's my inhaler?

Good running,

*Either my oxygen deprived brain is tripping balls, or this website is totally bizarre. Check out the pictures under the lifestyle tab. This guy sure as hell ain't in NASCAR.

Numbers: 2.8 miles on asphalt.