Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 237 - Thanks to the Streak

Man, it's been a rough 6 weeks.

First, I had my kids for 2 weeks. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for the time and we had a blast. But there wasn't a lot of "me time" in there.

I rolled from kid time to acquisition turmoil. The company I work for was acquired. Not a bad thing. But new company means new bosses, which means a fresh pass on everything strategic, which means rethinking and re-justifying every decision I've made, or suggested, over the last 2 years. Again, not a bad thing. But a lot of work.

And just as that cooled down a bit, I got whacked in the nards with a virus that threatened to melt my brain, and then liquefy my lungs.

On the run today, I replayed this back to back to back tale to my cohort, lamenting how slow and weak I felt after just 4 days of "normal" runs, and how I despise that feeling... the feeling of struggling.

Later, flat on my back, stretched and mostly done sweating, I thought more about it.

Without my streak, that commitment to myself, I'd have very likely run something between 0 and 5 days during that 42 day stretch.

Instead, I ran 42 days. Many of those runs were short, and slow. But they were runs, outside.

How much worse would I feel if not for the streak? How much further behind would I be? How much weaker and slower would I be?

And more importantly, how would I have fared mentally and emotionally and cognitively if not for that daily break from the world, that daily connection with the person I was always meant to be.

Thanks streak, you abstract concept, you.

Good running,

Numbers: 4.4 miles on roads