Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 213 - 7 + 1

The 7-month mark snuck right by me.

Take a couple weeks off of work and see if you can keep track of what day it is, let alone the date.

And 7 isn't really a great landmark. It's not one I've been counting down to at all. It's not half way, it's not two-thirds.

Who gets excited about being 7/12 through something?

Woohoo! I'm 58.333% of the way home. Where's the champagne?

Lap 117 of the Indy 500... meh.

15.28 miles into a marathon, big whoop.

Still, the calendar flipped, so I should do the customary reflection...

still thinking...

Sure was hot, wasn't it? And humid.

Go figure...

Not much to reflect on, really. Feels like it's still June.

July honestly flew by. Seems like just last week we were doing sparklers in the driveway.

But it was also a kinda difficult month. Some of the old habits, the impatience, the lack of drive, crept back in. Creeped? Crept? Crept.

But the daily runs, and the daily sputum that is this blog, have served me well. They've been my anchor to the best version of me. And they've been my compass point keeping me moving forward. Or at least helping me notice when I'm not.

Physically, I'm more than a little concerned about my heels. It's part running every day, part being too old to do such craziness, and part being too lazy to stretch as I should.

Oh, and one more thing... If I had the patience for what must be an insanely tedious conversation, I'd like to discuss with Stephen Hawking what can only be an unexplained and previously unknown physical phenomenon. There seems to have some sort of gravitational fluke in my bathroom, one that draws objects particularly forcefully toward the center of the Earth... right around where I keep the scale.

Or maybe it's the scale.

I'm planning on August being a better month on all fronts.

Good running,

Numbers: 1.4 miles, grass, trail.