Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 230 - The Perfect Bite

The best parts of life are right in front of us. All around us.

The secret is recognizing them.

And when you do find them, to savor them.

Case in point: awesome food.

Last night I whipped up a little pasta dish. Simple, but unusual collage of flavors.

Each bite was very enjoyable. But the fantastic bites had the right proportion of all of the ingredients.

Too often a meal is involuntarily consumed. Shoveled in, barely chewed, and swallowed. Unconsciously.

Great meals are to be appreciated and savored.

And most importantly, eaten carefully, to ensure that the last bite, the bite that will linger on your pallet and in your mind to represent this meal, is a perfect bite.

The first bites are bold experiments, sampling a little of this and a bit of that, trying each ingredient, testing proportions and combinations.

If you're lucky, halfway through, you find the perfect bite. And the rest of the meal is strategy, getting as many of those perfect bites as you can.

For me, it was several, with a pile of penne left toward the end.

And this is where the awareness, and being present comes in. Being awake I knew that to end on the most perfect bite, I needed to take a few for the team. So I took a couple bites of nothing but penne, which weren't bad bites at all.

And then my last bite, the plate cleaner, was indeed, perfect.

Everyday is filled with everyday tasks and ordinary experiences. Do them mindlessly, and your day will pass unnoticed.

Be mindful, and you will find delight and joy and wonder in the most simple, ordinary things.

Good running,

Numbers: 1.2 miles in the shade of the trails, woozy from my new cough medicine.