Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 226 - Plans Unmade

As a guy who used to be barely an acquaintance of mine once wrote, I'm sick... of being sick.

My sister asked me today to stop writing about coughing and phlegm. Especially the phlegm.

Problem is, that's about the sum-total of my day.

Oh, I had big plans... HUGE plans. Plans I made when I wasn't, you know, sick. Or at least sure I would be better by now.

I was going to get up early for a cool-ish 3-mile morning run, ride the bike down to Second Helpings (my favorite charitable organization), help with some painting, enjoy a leisurely breakfast downtown, take the bike down south and enjoy some roads that aren't perfectly flat and straight, and then take in a movie.

My actual day has been less, uhmmmm.... let's just say, less.

Aside from the bodily reflexive expulsion action that I'm not going to talk about, I've watched Netflix streamed movies and TV shows. Ones not in my queue. So I was trolling through the Netflix streaming list for anything that would pass some time. Yes, it's come to that.

Oh, and I ventured out, a good 2 miles from my house, for some soup.

Yip. Pee.

Thankfully my brother stopped over for a bit. I'm pretty sure he dropped by to borrow a CD, but I managed to kidnap him with now weapon, only my pathetic boredom. We watched Louis C.K. (my second favorite comedian, right behind this guy who just shot a Showtime special, and is a good guy, even though he stopped letting me beat him at chess).

Then we swapped tales of horror, mostly involving parenting of teens. His were scarier.

The GF also stopped over for a bit, too. I'm pretty sure she dropped by to steer the conversation to country music stories. That AND a throat scarring cough ailment are just about enough to push me to the point of taking a life.

Sensing that it might be one of their's, they left.

I returned to my mediocre internet TV binge.

Which you have interrupted.*

Good running,

*Sorry, I get grumpy when I'm sick. And bored.

Numbers: 1.4 miles.