Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 215 - Why Run? - Simplicity

This week I'm trying to pull together the reasons why people who run, run. What it is that makes running different? What makes it a lifestyle as opposed to an exercise, and why is that lifestyle compelling?

Today it's how remarkably simple running is.

Running is an innate human act. Our species has been running for as long as it's been a species. We ran to hunt. We ran to get from here to there. We ran because it was in our nature to run. Still is.

You don't need to learn to run. Your body already knows.*

Every child that knows how to walk, runs. For fun.

They don't think about the carbs they are burning. They aren't worried about how fast they are going, wether they have on the right clothes, if people are watching them run, or if their form is perfect. Their instinct says run, so they run. And when they don't need to run anymore, they stop.

And when kids run, they smile. Big, happy, joyful smiles. Every child that ever was delighted in the simple, natural act of running. Including you.

Those kids, and our ancestors, didn't need special gear to run. No bike, or skates, or clubs. And you don't need to be in any certain place to run, like a gym, or a pool, or a tennis court.

All you need is a small piece of the Earth, and a pair of shoes.***

You can run anytime, and virtually anywhere**, and with stuff you probably already have.

Not only does that make running easy and uncomplicated, it also creates opportunities. Because, if you're a running, wherever you find yourself, adventure lies just outside the door.

Good running,

*Though you do need to start very gradually and be very patient to let your body rebuild the running muscles that you haven't used in a while.

**I would avoid war zones, and anyplace where humans are considered food.

***And some would say that even those aren't necessary.

Numbers: 1.4 miles, on grass and trail, scurried to get back in time to meet the garage door guys, who still haven't come yet. Could have easily gone 5.