Sunday, March 6, 2011

WD40 and BodyGlide

You know what it's like the first time you take your bike out after the winter? All the squeaking, and grinding, and wobbling.

Yeah, that was how my run went yesterday.

Even though I stretched. Even though I took it easy, there was rust to be shaken off and sticky points that needed some lube.

Luckily, it was cold and drizzling and windy.

Undaunted, I wore shorts. At the end, my thighs were as red as the Huffy I had when I was 8.*

The run itself felt great. It's afterbirth that I ... wait, that's not right... aftermath that I have a problem with.

Could someone please explain to me why an easy, well prepared for 3 mile run has left me achy and whiny, when a what-the-hell 5K run considerably faster did not? Anyone?

In the "pro"column, my best running buddy got out for her first run of the year.

"Nice look albino-legs. Now put the camera away and
let's get running or I swear I'll bite your face off!"

Today, stretching. And whining. And keeping a weary eye on that dog.

Good Running,

*My Huffy was actually yellow... poetic license deployed.

Photo from here and me.