Friday, March 4, 2011

Couch to Half-Marathon... or grave, either way.

Today, I start my training for the 500 Festival Mini marathon. And by "start my training" I mean I skipped my lunch run and went to Qdoba.

When I went to Qdoba for lunch yesterday, I wasn't skipping a run, just eating irresponsibly, so that didn't count as "training".

Today, though, I brought my gear. That's practically running.

I might even put an entry in my log: "Mini Training Day 1: 0.0 miles... felt good."

I've got 63 days to get ready for a half-marathon. 9 weeks. That's not enough, really.

The Couch-to-5K ( program is 9 weeks. That's reasonable.

Couch-to-Half-Marathon program? There isn't one, because that would be stupid. Who goes from 2 months with  (almost) zero miles to a half-marathon in 9 weeks? Stupid people, that's who.

Well, for those who don't already know me... I'm just that stupid. (Seriously... check out the posts from 2010... all kinds of stupid.)

If you like public self-destruction, and who doesn't, stay tuned.

That's right, above-average-looking readers...I'm back.

Tomorrow, I lace up my running shoes and maybe walk around the living room a bit.

Good running,

Image from here.