Monday, July 11, 2011

Fountains of Freedom

I spent a few moments this past Independence Day weekend celebrating freedom.

Specifically, the freedom to defile a fountain. Two actually...

First, a brand spanking new fountain outside the almost grandly opened City Center behemoplex.

This one is so new, I had to break the white "Sanitized for Your Protection" seal to get in. Until proven otherwise, I'm calling it...

First! - July 3rd, 2011

The next day, after celebrating our great nation's 235th, wait is that right? Yeah, 235th birthday as most American's did, by sitting through a parade filled mostly with self-engadizing local politicians, "floats" that were little more than a trailer carrying a local business' employees who had been manipulated into sacrificing their holiday for the honor of throwing candy at children the way I imagine the king's handlers used to through grain to starving peasants along the road to the castle of some homely princess/second cousin, and local bands that aren't nearly as good as our band was* when I had to march in the sweltering heat and then go work a 6 hour shift at Dairy Queen while all of my friends came to the drive-thru on their way to the fireworks to let me know how much fun they were having, we went to find a nice, patriotic, ice-cold caffeine-free diet co- HEY LOOK A BEER TENT!

We stayed here until we ran out of cash, which took awhile, even at $5 a pint.

Then we walked home, on the path to which lay a gargantuan complex of condos, or apartments, or businesses, arranged in a big pile of huge brick buildings with also huge columns, and dormers, lots of dormers, so colonial that Thomas Jefferson himself might have built them for his family, including a building in the back for his other "family", and in the middle of which is a huge-ass reflecting pool. To wit...

For the record, I did not swim, not even a little.

Also for the record, my shorts did not dry out by the time we got home, as I was promised.

For those new to this humid corner of the internet, you can retrace my path of fountain defilement on this most excellent use of modern information technology.

Just to fulfill my "Hey, isn't this a running blog" quota... tomorrow, after wuh-hay too long on the sidelines, I'm going to tip-toe back into the world of the running. Stay tuned to watch how I handle the delicate balance of not doing too much too soon, and staving off clinical lack-of-running insanity. Should be fun.

Oh, and this is the last time I will pester you kind, above-average-looking, and super-generous readers... last time I will pull a PBS pledge drive and ask you to click here to give a dollar or two to the wonderful Back on My Feet program in Indianapolis. Everyone who donates will be highlighted in a flattering blurb on this here blog. The bigger the donation, the more flattering. Thanks in advance to those about to give, and huge thanks and appreciation and love, or at least like-like, to those who have already given.

Good running,

* My son's band excepted, as they rocked, most especially the bass drum section, and even more especially, the smallest base drum. That dude was awesome!