Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fountains - Catching Up

My penchant for fountains is well documented.

This year, though, I've been a little lax in keeping you, the above-average-looking readers of DougRuns365, up to date on my path of desecration. Also, the map, in my opinion the best use of the internet ever, was low on photographic evidence of my conquests.

In February, I was in Orlando on business. I hadn't been running much, trying to heal up from my year of running (and writing) every day, but ran a nice loop around the faux lake in the resort. There were several fountains to defile, but I chose just the one closest to the room.

2/8/2011 - Disney Coronado Springs Resort

There was a bit of a lull in the spree until late April when the GF and I headed to French Lick*. We took a detour to check out a winery in Columbus, IN. The wine was about as good as you'd expect from a winery in Columbus, IN. On the way back to the highway, we drove by the Bartholomew Consolidated School Administration Building... there were screeching brakes...

4/23/2011 - Bartholomew Consolidated School Administration Building

In May, I was in Atlanta. For a city in the south, there weren't many fountains. This one, though, was more than worthy...

5/17/2011 - Centennial Olympic Park

There was an odd fountain at my Atlanta hotel. I'm not sure what they were going for, but to me it said "Alien ship crashed through the roof and ruined this fountain." It was undercover and oddly lit, which is my excuse for the crappy picture...
5/17/2011 - Fountain outside Marriott Marquis main entrance

One of my epic fails in fountain defiling was on my birthday last year when I saved the fountain for when I was ready to leave and, when I returned to it, found it turned off. This year, also on my birthday, that wrong was righted...

5/20/2011 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway

That brings us to this weekend. Milwaukee Wisconsin has no fountains. None. At least not downtown. Believe me, I looked.

In town for the IndyCar race with my youngest, we zipped all over the place, all the while I had an eye out for a pool of water with some squirting up, and came up empty. Before the long trip home, we decided to check out the (foggy) lakeshore. Having seen enough fog, we set the GPS for "home". As if that bossy lady inside that tiny box knew, she took us up a steep hill to Old North Point Water Tower (which looks to the untrained eye a lot like Chicago's water tower) and like an oasis to a lost desert traveler, a real beauty appeared...

6/20/2011 - North Point Park, adjacent to the Old North Point Water Tower.

About 0.3 seconds after taking this picture, my youngest asked "Can I get in?" making this just about the best way to end a fantastic Father's Day weekend.

Good running,

*Just to be clear, I am referring here to the town in Indiana.