Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mini Entry Up for Grabs

Hi gang.

I have, in my slightly smaller than average hands, one entry for this Saturday's 2011 One America 500 Festival Mini Marathon in downtown Indianapolis, IN.

This card, and all of the benefits it entitles, could be yours!

Problem is, I can't use it. Well, I could use it, as a coaster, or to fan myself, or to marshal crumbs off of a table, or to give one of my enemies one hellacious paper cut. I can't, though, use it for its intended purpose: running the half-marathon this Saturday morning.

If you are itching to run the Mini, you can have my entry.

Seriously, take it.

Take it!

Put your hand out and take GET BACK HERE!


Of course there's a catch. You think I'm rolling naked in a pile of Mini entries? I've got one. This one. The one I paid $60 for and can't use thanks to some unreasonably uncooperative muscles.

Here's the catch: You can have the entry for the price of a donation to the American Red Cross. You decide how much, but the largest donation pledge in the comment section by 11:59 Wednesday, and verified with an emailed copy of a receipt of an e-donation by noon on Thursday, gets the entry.

Tie breaker: Tell us why you want to run the mini and/or why I should give you my entry. Points for being funny, or moving, but mostly for being funny. Judgement of the blogger is final.

Click the comment link and crack open your wallet.

Good running,