Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Where's your nose?

I've noticed a disturbing trend over the last few months.

Noses are disappearing.

Since September 19th, 1982, the proper emoticon for a smile has been, and I quote:

Sad face? :-(

Sometime this year, or maybe last year, it became in vogue to omit the nose, producing the frankly disturbing looking :)

Or worse, the wrong way (:  <---- is="" p="" that="" wtf="">
Looks like a frog on acid to me.

I feel compelled to start my next sentence with "These kids today…" but I'm resisting.

Still, it's the same people you text "ur" instead of, or because they don't know the correct word/contraction for "you're" that are skipping the noble nose that makes a smiley friendly. And less creepy.

And how on earth do you neglect the carrot nose?  :^)

Or the clown nose? :O)

Let alone the clown with glasses and a party hat? *<8o p="">
How can you stick your tongue out at someone without the nose?

:P just doesn't cut it.

:-P works.

If you type "ain't", or "ur", "bff", "luv", or "cuz", well, do what you will.

If you have any respect for decency and yourself, stand up for the proper, classic, old-f'in-school smiley. Keep the nose.


Good running,