Monday, May 21, 2012

Los Angeles - Photo Safari

Off to the City of Angels for bidness.

One of the many, many insanely cool things about Indianapolis in May is race cars at the airport.

This beauty was driven by one of my fans, Lloyd Ruby, in 1961.
I wasn't there in 1961, but I believe the sign.
It's a gorgeous car. Pic doesn't do it justice.

Fake Helio DW12. It has the big swoopy side pods,
but no rear wheel guards.
Who do they think they're fooling?
Still.. looks awesome.

I landed in LAX to sun, low humidity, cool, light breeze.

That's crack for runners.

So, even though it was late evening to my body, I headed out for a short run.

It was miserable. Not only did I run like crap, which always happens when I try to run in the evening, but I'm staying near the airport. Is there anything more depressing than an airport hotel? Yes... the area around an airport hotel.

But, the run was totally worth it thanks to one sight which will delight any respectable Simpson's fan...

It's The Lard Lad... sorta

That was the highlight. Seriously. I looked for other things to photograph, but it was too depressing. There was a big "EBT Cards Welcome!" sign plastered on the front of a Jack-In-The-Box. How depressing to think that folks on food stamps are eating burgers and fries.

But don't despair dear way-above-average-looking readers, the LAX Westin has a fountain...

Your average, run-of-the-mill fountain defiler would dip into that lower bit there, hidden from the bellmen and security, and call it a day.

Me, I respect you all too much for that.

I climbed the little fountain stars and pulled an upper-decker...

Deep, cool, refreshing in the upper deck of the fountain at the LAX Westin.

Did I stop there?

Hell, no! This fountain defiler has declared a new go big or keep your socks on attitude!

I defiled the fountain in the lobby, right in front of the registration desk AND the hotel security desk, just to show them I wasn't messing around.

Hey LAX Westin, your fountains? Yeah, they're my bitches.

Flying all day makes me cranky. Fountains tend to tip the scales the other way. Next time you're feeling a little cranky, find a fountain, get in, and send me a picture. We'll all be glad you did.

Good running,