Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The cure for a bad run

There's only one cure for a bad run.



The cure is a good run. And today I had a good run.

I didn't do anything different. I wasn't particularly fast. It just went better. It felt like it's supposed to feel.

The run turned my whole day around. I didn't feel like stabbing anyone, for the entire afternoon!

I highly recommend finding something that makes you not want to stab people, and doing that.

And fine tequila... I recommend that too.

Oh, and limes and salt, don't do that. Just drink better tequila. And sip it, don't shoot it. You aren't in college anymore.

Unless you are, in which case still don't do it. You will look less douche-like, and you might not throw up, if you sip good tequila, instead of pounding the cheap stuff.

Good running,


*Not really. Tequila makes everything better, right up to the point that it makes everything much, much worse.

Image from here, which happens to be an informational site on tequila. I give it a B-.